6 Surprises in the World of Celebrity Net Worth

Everyone thinks you make a lot of money being a celebrity. There are familiar faces in the movie and Television show world, for example that you would assume are worth a lot of money. Then again, some people that you see over and over again in the media might seem like they should be worth more than they actually are. It is all perspective and life can be surprising. Below are 10 instances of celebrity net worth that may surprise you.

Kylie Jenner

Kylie is an American model and well-known face in the entertainment media world due to her famous family, including Bruce Jenner, aka Caitlyn. Her net worth is at $5 million, which isn’t too shabby considering her connection to fame and her age, which is a ripe old 20 years of age.

Marc Summers

Known for his hosting stints on Family Double Dare and Unwrapped, Summers now works as an executive producer on Restaurant: Impossible. His work in the television world may not be done yet, but his net worth is a surprisingly low $8 million.


Famous Rapper Ne-Yo has some songs that people can associate with his name. He has been in the music business for 13 years and rose to fame with the release of the song “Let Me Love You.” He has worked with Rihanna, Pitbull and Kanye West. That said, his worth is at $16 million, a shade below that of reality TV personality Kris Kardashian.

Kris Kardashian

Having the Kardashian name and all of the publicity may make people think they are rolling in dough, but surprisingly Kris Kardashian is only worth $20 million. While that is significantly more than some of us can ever dream of making, it still falls short of more noteworthy celebrities whose faces are worth $100 million or more.

Jimmy Kimmel

celebrity net worth

As a noted television show host, you may think Jimmy Kimmel is worth a lot of money. In fact, his worth is on the rise but as of now he is at $35 million, compared to Ellen DeGeneres at $200 million (with an annual salary that is double Jimmy’s celebrity net worth) or Jay Leno at $250 million.

Will Farrell

Actor Will Farrell, who is known for his comedy, his abilities as an impressionist and as a writer, is worth the most on this list of surprises, with his worth coming in at $100 million. This may be surprising as a lot or significantly less than you were expecting. Farrell’s movie history includes such work as Elf, Stepbrothers and Megamind and the Lego movie.

These celebrities are only a handful of the many whose net worth can be easily accessed through the internet. You can learn about their history in their respective career fields, where they got their start and how their wealth increased significantly. This is a great way to make up a game to entertain the family on a rainy Sunday or simply to keep yourself awake at work on a slow afternoon. See who you can find that surprises you with their net worth.